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    My name is Justice Green and I'm a tomboy. A tomboy is a girl who likes roughhousing and is mostly associated with boys.  I am 15 and live in Vermont with my mom, stepdad, and stepsister. At my house, I have a dog, two cats, a hamster and 24 turkeys. During the summer I live in Florida with my dad, brother, sister and step-monster (I don't like her much though).  In Florida, my family has two dogs, three cats, and a turtle. In my free time, I'm outside whether it be playing a sport, riding a four wheeler, running with my dog or just laying in the sun. My favorite thing to do in the winter time is go snowboarding and wrestle on the school's wrestling team. Wrestling is my favorite sport because it's a full contact sport. When we don't have snow I spend my time playing softball and soccer or hiking. When I graduate high school I would like to become a police officer. I have thought about doing this as a profession since fourth grade but before the police academy, I am now thinking of enlisting in the army. I think being a police officer is the right path for me because I've always been interested in crime and punishment and believe if someone does something wrong they should be caught. I am looking forward to learning more about you guys and your country. 

The first photo is one of my best friends Kira and I before our first softball game ( I'm the one on the left ). In the second photo is me with my dog Bella after getting enough snow to make a snowman. In the third photo is me with my dad (Glenn) petting a dolphin at sea world in Florida. In the fourth photo is a teammate and I warming up before a wrestling match. 

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