Hi, I'm John

Hi, my name is John, I love the outdoors. I am 15 years old and a freshman at Mount Abe. I live in starksboro VT with my mom, dad, younger sister Eliza and younger brother Asher, and our dog, Riggs. Riggs just had surgery on his leg so he has to stay on a leash, which is driving him crazy. He is really energetic and loves to play. I like sports and I really like the outdoors and wildlife. Some of my earliest memories are of going hunting with my Dad. My favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. I shot my first deer, turkey and duck this past year. I also play football, wrestle and do track and field. Wrestling is my favorite sport because it is very mentally and physically challenging, and requires a lot of self discipline, I got 3rd at JV states this year wrestling the 126 lb weight class. In football I play linebacker and wide receiver. I really like playing defence because the defence gets to tackle the ball carrier on the opposing team. After I graduate highschool want to go to an outfitter school and get a job as a hunting guide. That way I can get paid to be outside and take other people hunting. I'm John, and I would love to know more about your favorite sports and outdoor activities.

The first picture is of my dog, Riggs. The second is of me with a bass I caught on lake Dunmore, the person in the canoe with me is my friend Jonas. The third is of me with a turckey I shot yesterday. The fourth is me after winning a match against a st. Johnsbury wrestler, I’m the one with my hand raised. In the fifth I'm making a tackle in an American football game, I’m the one with black pants and socks, and maroon jersey.

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