Hello my name is Bethany

Hi my name is Bethany Russin I am 16 years old. The two kids in the pictures is my nephew and cousin. My nephew name Jacob. Jacob is only 2 turning 3 in September. He didn't like that he had mud all over him. My cousin name is Mercedes. Mercedes is only 8 months she is turning 9 months this September. I live with my father and his girlfriend. My father name is Brian. His girlfriend has two boys one is older than me and the other one is younger than me. I have two siblings they are both older than me. I have a brother that is 26. His name is Ryan, Jacob is his son. I have a sister that is 18. Her name is Brittany. I see my mother every weekend. She lives with my brother her name is Billie Jo. I have 4 dogs 3 cats and 3 rabbits. I like to go hunting and fishing with my dad, sister and brother. I love being outside. The picture of the dog is Annie. The picture of my sister and I with a bunny filter. The white rabbit in the picture is little Jo i can put him on the ground and he will follow me like a dog. The calico bunny is daisy she doesn't like to be held at all. The two older people are My brother and his fiance. The other calico rabbit is fudge I got fudge on my 15th birthday.

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