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Thursday Afternoon Exercise

This is a brainstorming. Write lists, write phrases, write sentences or paragraphs -- but just try to get as much out as possible. As this conference continues, it is important to begin thinking about how this connection with schools in other countries is going to add to your exploration of environmental subjects.

This exercise is intended to have you pick one or two topics related to the environment and ecology that we live in that interest you most deeply; Why? Then answer any or all of these questions:

  • What interests you most about the topic(s) you've chosen?
  • What types of things would you be interested in doing with the topic -- research, writing, art, community action, public awareness projects, etc.?
  • Why do you want to partner with another school? What will you gain from this partnership? Who will be the leaders of this partnership -- you?
  • How will this partnership help you understand your topic?
  • How will this fit into your school program?
  • What are the first steps?

Here are the topics:

  • Food -- source, processed vs. local, impact on Global warming. Use the hashtag #globalwarming
  • Water quality and supply -- drinking water or environmental water. Use the hashtag #water
  • Recycling -- its impact, practices, etc.. Use the hashtag #recycling
  • Raising money to help others. hashtag: #fundraising
  • Energy efficiency and conservation -- small things from lightbulb choices to appliances. #energy
    • Oil dependence -- alternatives to fossil fuels, what is gained or lost, trade-offs. hashtag #oil
  • Population growth -- impact, future, urbanization. #population
  • Victories -- Things that you have done, or that others have done, that have had an impact. How did you/they do it? Tell the story in a way that others can learn and emulate. #victories

You will have about 15 minutes to do this. Then we'll ask you to comment on others' posts. And then we'll discuss.

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Share a mini-biography

THURSDAY MORNING: A simple exercise to start:

Write a short biography of yourself. In your piece put the hashtag: #conferencebio

Some ideas as to what to include, (any, some or all):

  • Vital statistics, where you live, your age, about your family; what school you go to or work at;  things you've done or jobs you've had; things you are interested in. or you grade in school, your interests and, if your an adult, where you went to college, what job you are doing, whether you're married and have children.
  • Tell us why you came to this conference -- what you hope to do as a result.
  • Tell us a story about something that no one knows about you.
  • Include a photo if you have one handy.
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This site is designed to bring together youths from schools throughout the world. Sponsored by the non-profit Green Across The World, (GATW, formerly known as Green Across The Pacific) the aim is to help youths connect, share information about their culture, issues and lives as well as have them work on projects together, particularly those focused on the environment. 

This site currently can be viewed in English, Spanish and French.  Young Writers Project, which manages this site, is happy to add languages as needed. Much of the site is private and requires an account, but some content will be made public as the project progresses. 

If you wish more information about the program, contact Peter Lynch at GATW. If you wish some technical assistance, please contact Geoffrey Gevalt at YWP.

Hi, I'm Malea

Hello, my name is Malea McAllister, I am 14 years old, I’m in the 9th grade and I attend Mt. Abe. I have a ton of siblings. Eight to be precise. I have two full brothers Walker and Dylan, one step brother Evan, and a half brother Bryce. I also have four stepsisters, Chessesly, Taylor, Genevieve, and Idalee. I live with my mom during the week in New Haven, Vermont. On weekends I go up to my dad’s house in Greensboro Bend, Vermont. At school my favorite subject is math because I enjoy how logical math is and algebra tends to be easy and fun for myself. Outside of regular school classes I play soccer as an after school activity. I try to think I’m not too terrible and do my best but we have quite a few good players that i aspire to be more like. When I’m not playing soccer in the fall after school and/or on weekends i try to keep in touch and hangout with my friends and family back home where I lived before I moved to New Haven. During the summer I go to two different soccer camps. The first one I usually go to is called Hosmer which I have attended since I was 8 years old. My oldest brother Walker has also been a coach and counselor at this camp for the last two years. The other camp I go to is called Voltage Soccer Camp which my oldest brother also attend for five years before I started.



Hi, I'm Adrien

Hi, I’m Adrien Larocque,

I'm a 9th grader at Mount Abraham high school in Bristol, Vermont.  Bristol is also the town I live in with my mom, sister, and our cat Dylan. I also have a little hamster, her name is Nibbles. My parents got divorced when I was young and so for most of my life, I've been going between houses to see my dad, who currently lives in Leicester, Vermont with his wife and her two daughters. There we have two dogs, Jen and Milo, we have pigs there too, most recently a mom gave birth to some baby pigs, sadly most didn't survive and the two that did were badly hurt. Only one is left, and it's a girl that I named Moe. I spend a lot of time outside on the weekends when the weather is nice. When the weather's nice I like to draw and listen to music. I also like to watch crime shows because they grab my attention and they keep my brain thinking. My favorite bands are Twenty One Pilots, The Neighborhood, and Panic at the Disco. Within a year I have changed my mind on what I want to be or do when I grow up, but my brain always leads back to being a writer. I like to think that one day I could write the book that people recommend to their friends. Becoming a writer and achieving what I want will take time and dedication and it definitely won't happen overnight. In school I am a very social person so I like this chance to socialize with more people.


Hello, I am Maximilion

   I was born Maximilion Thomas Pasquale Doherty-Konczal, at Brigham and Women's Hospital in downtown Boston. I spent the first 6 months of my life living in a loft in Boston, as my father was a financial executive for Unilever. When I was 6 months old, my father was relocated by Unilever to act as their South American CFO, based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil. When I was around 10 months old, it was discovered that I had a tumor on my back. My parents flew me back to Boston to be treated, where I underwent surgery to remove the tumor, and due to this surgery, I never crawled. When I recovered, we moved back to Brazil. Portuguese was my first language, and I attended two years of school in Brazil. When I was five, my father left Unilever and we moved to a property he bought when he was younger. We built a house on the property and that is where we live now. During the summers, my family belonged to a country club called Basin Harbor. Here the majority of my friends were considerably older, 2-3 years, and so I learned a lot about life from them, stuff I probably shouldn't have known. When I was 13, my friend and I went cliff jumping. While we were in the water, a guy encouraged his girlfriend to jump from one of the higher ledges. She did and landed on her back. Me and my friend, who was 16 and much stronger, pulled her out of the water. We later found out she was paralyzed from the waist down. This event really changed how I looked at life, making me a much happier and enthusiastic person. 
    Now, as a 15-year-old, I enjoy many sports and hobbies. I play soccer and lacrosse, my two favorite competitive sports. I play JV soccer in the fall for my coach Mr. Russell. In the spring I play varsity Lacrosse for Ed Cook. I am a three-time state champion in swimming. I ski as much as possible, mainly looking for off-trail paths. I enjoy reading, mainly great fiction, like Tolkien and Dickens and Orwell. I have 3 siblings, 2 brothers, and 1 sister. I also have 2 Bengals house cats, Milo and Phoebe. My aspiration is to attend college and study economics.


hi im David

    My name is David Gebo i was named after my dad. i live in Bristol Vermont with my mom and my dad. I have 3 older siblings. I like riding atvs, dirtbikes and hunting/ fishing. I like those things because they're all outside activities. I'm good at fixing small engines. When i'm older i hope to go to tech school to be a mechanic  The picture i chose is of my ATV’s. I am a outdoor type of kid and i want to know what its like in Bhutan.     



Hello, Im Justice


    My name is Justice Green but I don't like to use my last name. I am 15 and live in Vermont with my mom Rebecca , stepdad Jamie and stepsister Kyla . At my house I have a dog named, two cats , a hamster and 24 turkeys. During the summer I live in florida with my dad Glenn, brother Glenn the third , sister Lacey and step monster Sarah (i dont like her much tho ).  In Florida my family has two dogs, three cats and a turtle. In my free time i'm outside whether it be playing a sport or my dog or just laying in the sun. My favorite thing to do in the winter time is go snowboarding and wrestle on the school's wrestling team But when we don't have snow i spend my time playing softball and soccer or hiking. When i graduate high school i would like to become a police officer. I have thought about doing this as a profession since fourth grade but before the police academy I am now thinking of enlisting in the army. I think being a police officer is the right path for me because i've always been interested in crime and punishment and believe if someone does something wrong they should be caught. I am looking forward to learn more about you guys and your country. 

The first photo is one of my bestfriends Kira and I before our first softball game ( Im the one on the left ). In the second photo is me with my dog Bella after getting enough snow to make a snowman. In the third photo is me with my dad (Glenn) petting a dolphin at sea world in florida. 


Hi, My name is Max

Hello, my name is Max and I live in the town of Lincoln Vermont and have 2 brothers and a mom and a dad. My brothers are younger than me and one of them does track and the other one does baseball and soccer. We also have a dog named Ruby who is basically dead and has like 5 tumors on her body because she is like 50. I also have a cat named carl who eats trees and wood. We don’t really know if she is a boy or a girl. When I grow up I want to do something related to sports I play baseball and soccer and really suck at them. I play sports because I don't want to become a lazy bum. I have 5 pigs and 3 chickens that all live together. My favorite food is Mcdonalds and other fast food because it's so good for you and I like to be healthy at all times. The 3 chickens are named goat and he is my favorite because he is blind and very deaf and the other one is named pigeon and the last one is named chicken and she is so fat that she waddles like a penguin w hen she walks. I try to think of the most creative names possible. I am 15 so I don't have a drivers license or a permit yet, that sucks but its ok because I am getting it next week. Well, maybe not because I will probably fail. Our cat Carl has lived the longest out of all our cats. We have had about 7 cats and all have been eaten by coyotes. In these pictures, one is me and Iḿ very happy as you can see and the other is of my wonderful pine wood table that has the bench and its a good picture. My name is Max and I look forward to learning about your culture more.